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RHY overseas self-built mines miners mining new trend

2019-02-22 16:41

       The bitcoin mining cycle has been transitioning from 4-6 months in the bull market to now 12-24 months. It can be seen that mining is changing from short-term profit-making investment to long-term stable investment. This puts high demands on the stability of a mine.


       In the situation of increasingly strict regulatory policies, bitcoin mining is shifting from being China-centric to overseas. Countries such as the Middle East, Russia, Georgia, etc., which are relatively loose and relatively low-power resources, have become mines. The main object of field and miner selection.

       Among them, the Middle East mines are the most attractive. With loose regulatory policies and low electricity bills, the Middle East mines continue to be hot. As we all know, the Middle East has an extremely rich power resource with a minimum of 3 points for electricity. Compared with the low electricity price and the climate suitable for mining, the relatively stable digital currency policy in the Middle East is a factor that attracts domestic mines to the sea. It can be seen that policy risk is the core issue of opening mines and operations in China, and the layout of mines to overseas is the general trend.

       At present, the Middle East mines are showing several notable features: standardization, industrialization, and even branding, including the professional mining company of the RHY mine. Because the miners are increasingly demanding the choice of the mine, the self-built mine is now the basic condition.

       Self-built mines are a concern for every miner, because it involves the mining machinery and capital security of the miners. Therefore, the miners will have higher requirements for finding mines in the reliable mines. They will roughly ask for these five. Hot issues:

1. Where is your mine and how is the climate? How is the policy? Is it safe?

2. Is the power stable and unstable, is the supplier a long-term partner?

3. Let me see the actual environment of the mine. Is the equipment and facilities standardized?

4. Where is the equipment purchased, is the transformer a brand?

5. What is the electricity bill?

The main concerns of mine costs:

1. Mining electricity costs

2. Venue price

3. Are there any other charges?

       For example, we specialize in mining mines such as the RHY mine in the Middle East for many years. The RHY mine is a self-built mine in the Middle East. The climate is very suitable for mining in the four seasons. In terms of policy, the Middle East has figures. Currency is a positive attitude. The mine is approved by the local government for licensing. The mine land use period is indefinite, so the safety nature is completely no problem, and the second and fifth questions about electricity, the RHY mine is the national network dual line 230. The kilovolt-powered mine, supplied by the local power bureau, has signed long-term cooperation terms, the power supply is very stable, and the electricity price is very cheap. As low as 0.18 yuan per degree.

       The third question, RHY mine has real shot pictures and videos of the Middle East mine on the official website. The mine equipment and facilities are installed from the domestic transportation, and the equipment and quality are absolutely clear. The fourth problem is that the equipment and facilities of the mine are purchased from the country and then directly sent to the Middle East mine for installation. The transformer is a large transformer of Jiangsu Huapeng. The quality is stable. On the issue of the price and price of the miners concerned, the RHY mine has a mining fee as low as 0.18 yuan per kWh. The mine site is directly bought out indefinitely, and there is no other charge in addition to the above fees. Compared with many rental sites, the advantages of the mines are obvious, and the self-built mines can provide a good internal and external environment for the operation and subsequent development of the entire mine.

       During the period of currency price, the miners are bound to have higher and higher requirements for the power and operation and maintenance services of the mine. It is bound to be more difficult to mine a mine in the past. This low-cost and stable mine in the RHY mine is a new trend in future mining.