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$0.027 mining electricity fee RHY low electricity fee mine

2019-02-27 16:23

       The mining miners know that the hash rate will rise as the currency price rises, and vice versa as the currency price falls. Because as the price of the currency rises, more miners will be attracted to the Bitcoin network to dig out the block rewards. As the price of the currency fell, those miners whose marginal cost of mining exceeded the price of the currency began to withdraw, which led to a decline in the hash rate.


       Although the current currency price is still in a downturn, it has fallen by nearly 80% compared with the beginning of 2018, but in fact, the above situation has not occurred, the hash rate is still rising steadily, why there will be miners during the low price period. Sources continue to join the ranks of mining forces?

       In fact, the reason is also very simple, that is, even in the period of low currency prices, the mines with high level of operation and management are still profitable, because the main operating cost of mining is the cost of electricity for mining mining machines. Because of the different cost of electricity, the marginal cost of mining in different parts of the world is different. Some self-built, large-volume, well-located mines will get very cheap electricity prices, so even if they are in a low price. Still can get a good profit, due to the low mining cost of the mine, attracting a large number of miners to come, there are miners to buy more new mining machines to be managed to low-cost mines, miners who choose mining leases, the mines also continue to buy Into the new mining machine, so from the data point of view, the overall network computing power will not fall but continue to rise.

       As more and more large mines attract more and more miners and mining machines, mining will become more centralized and large-scale. Increasingly high marginal cost of mining will lead to more small miners out, while the more efficient miners will remain, they will occupy a larger market.

       Therefore, bitcoin mining is a relatively free market, miners with lower mining costs and more efficient miners can gain more market share and have more and more bitcoin. If you choose to mine, unless you are rich and rich, you can build a mine with tens of thousands of mining machines. Otherwise, it is best to choose a large-scale mine with cheap electricity and stability, and host the mining machine to a professional mine. The professional hosting team is responsible for maintenance and repair. You only need to pay the mining electricity fee every month, you can easily get the mining income, and enjoy the feast of low electricity cost mining anytime and anywhere.

       The RHY mine is such a professional and trustworthy mine. It is understood that the RHY mine currently has several large mines in many countries and has established a formal and stable self-construction in the Middle East with abundant power resources. The mine provides one-stop mining services such as low-risk, guaranteed mining machine leasing, mining machine custody and aircraft leasing to miners at home and abroad.

       If you are a miner who already has a large number of mining machines, you can choose the mining machine on the handle to be hosted at the RHY mine. You only need to pay a low electricity fee of $0.027 per kWh and a low cost of hosting services. The professional operation and maintenance team You can guarantee 24-hour maintenance of the mining machine you are hosting. If you don't have a mining machine on hand, but you are very interested in mining, this group of people can choose mining equipment such as mining machine rental, and buy each mining machine after renting. In the month, you only need to pay the corresponding low electricity bill through the platform to get rich mining income.

       Under the low electricity bill of US$0.027 per metre in the Middle East, the RHY mine is one of the lowest mining costs on the mining market. It is a mining machine rental mining platform that is different from other mines. The mine machine is also maintained, and a one-stop mining service can be completed by an official website of the RHY mine, so that you can lie down and pay low electricity bills to dig up rich profits even in the cold winter.