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Miner mining quiz encyclopedia: How long does it take to mine this cycle?

2019-03-07 18:06

  Mining miners are always ambiguous about the problem of mining back.I believe that many new miners have more or less encountered such dialogues.How long does it take to mine,how many years can be earned?how much is it?The miner on the other side said;probably I will be around 10 months,but it’s hard to say how long it takes to dig a coin?The miners on the other side said:It's hard to say,it depends on how many mining machines you have.


  It’s too normal to encounter such an answer on the road of mining.It’s hard to say?uncertain?It’s not that the other party doesn’t have any awareness of mining cost.Only the miners themselves really want to mine.They realize that these problems are really bad,because the variables such as currency price and mining difficulty are uncertain.Must be considered inside.It’s not that the mine that has been dug for so many years can know how much money is earned by mining and how long it takes to dig a coin.Therefore,the mining of this knowledge,although not esoteric,is not simple.Below we list a few of the most concerned issues for investors to answer how to correct the mining position.

  When the price of the lower currency is low,the most problem the miners want to ask is that the mining cycle is so long,is it better to buy the coin directly?

  In fact,when the price of the currency is low,it is normal for the miners to have such a question.However,we look closely.According to the latest price of the currency and the official price of the mainland,the return period of an ant mining machine S9 is about 11 About a month.According to the speed of the currency,the 11-month return period is more unbearable.But why are so many miners continuing to mine when the currency is low?

  First of all,the return cycle is closely related to the price of the currency.If the price of the currency rises,the return cycle will be shortened.For example,in the bull market last year,the return period of the mining machine was between one month and two months.Buying coins is more technical.If you are a master of speculation,you have a chance to make money in the short term,but this requires a high level of professional and technical level.After all,the currency market is a T+0 trading mechanism,one day.Twenty-four hours are fluctuating.If you are not doing well,you may explode at any time to make you lose your money.Mining is relatively stable,investment security and assurance.

  In addition,when buying coins and mining directly,when the bull market rises,everyone's income in the last year and two years is similar,but when the price of the currency falls,there will be a difference,for example,the price of Bitcoin will fall by half.I have never rebounded,so friends who buy coins directly will lose half of their principal,and friends who mine will probably dig back the principal slowly over a year.The difference is mainly here,mining is through time to change space.The investment is very defensive.

  The miner still has a question that is more curious.How long does it take to dig a coin?

  In fact,this problem must first know the principle of input and output of mining.At present,the BTC can earn about 0.00004 per B.If you want to dig a BTC,you need 25000T,which is converted into ant mining machine T15 or ant mining machine S15 mining machine.It only takes about 1,000 units a day to dig up.The question is how much do you plan to invest in these ant mining machines?

  The biggest cost of mining is the electricity bill,and the electricity bill is large.How much is the electricity bill cheap?

  How much is it cheap to mine electricity?In fact,in China,the electricity bill is already cheap,and the resources of Japan and South Korea are scarce.The electricity bill is much better than that of the country with more than one yuan per degree.On a global scale,the electricity tariffs in the Middle East,Georgia and other places are superior to China.Now the mines in China are generally on the grid,which is more common at 0.05-0.06 US dollars/kWh,but if they are in the Middle East and other overseas mines.For example,you can get a cheaper electricity price,for example,the RHY mine that has been used for many years in overseas mines.

  It is understood that the RHY mine in the Middle East's overseas mines,got $0.027 per ton of mining electricity,the cost of electricity is much lower than the domestic cost.Miners don't have to transport the mining machine from home to overseas.It is easy to mine in overseas mines by choosing a mining machine.Miners only need to pay $0.027 per month for low electricity bills every month to dig up huge profits.

  According to conservative calculations,the life cycle of an ant mining machine T15 can only be used for 2 years.According to the 500 US dollars/Taiwan,$0.027 per electricity bill to calculate,the currency price remains unchanged,the calculation of steady growth will not increase,in the first year of 5 months or so,after returning to the original,about 20%of the income,and then The second year is a profit for the whole year.Of course,we must also consider the changes brought about by fluctuations in currency prices and rising difficulty.

  Therefore,in general,mining is a way of changing space,and discounting the cost of buying coins.The increase in computing power,the rise and fall of the currency and the renewal of the equipment will be a dynamic balance.As long as you are optimistic about Bitcoin,investing in mining will be a good investment choice.