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Hashrate mining is promising New trend of mining in the future

2019-03-11 18:31

  Hashrate mining this new bitcoin mining model many miners may not be very well understood,but cloud computing power mining in the mining ring is not new,recently,Princeton University and Florida International University launched a bit The study of the currency found that China’s bitcoin mining power has been mastered by more than half in China.This shows that the calculation of mining power has been booming in China,and Hashrate has also entered the vision of miners.


  It is understood that scholars at Princeton University and Florida International University have demonstrated that the Bitcoin mining ecosystem has been"highly centralized."In the bitcoin mining field,more than 80%of Bitcoin's mining volume is controlled by six mining pools,five of which are controlled by Chinese or Chinese companies.China is an important part of the global bitcoin computing power-more than the power of any single country in the world,and how much power is in China.This number is still unknown."So there is such a voice saying:China's mining pool controls Bitcoin.

  The words of foreign experts are a tendency to worry about people.However,it is an indisputable fact that China is the most powerful country in the world.According to expert data analysis,the computing power of China’s mining pools has already accounted for the entire network of Bitcoin.74%,and there is a growing trend.Through this we can see the continuous expansion of the overall network computing power,but also see that the miners choose to buy Hashrate mining has become the mainstream choice for bitcoin mining,especially the mining company from China.

  It is necessary to mention the RHY mine with large self-built mines in the Middle East,Georgia and other overseas countries.The RHY mine has built 900MW substations in these overseas countries with cheap power resources,and the national dual-line national grid power supply.600,000 machines are powered on at the same time.And the electricity bill is as low as 0.027 US dollars per kWh.In the overseas RHY mine,special bitcoin mining services such as Hashrate mining,mining machine leasing and mining machine hosting are launched.Let the miners easily enjoy the rich profits of bitcoin mining without going out,which is an advantage that small mines and individual mining users do not have.

  In addition,in addition to the advantages of cheap electricity,the RHY mine has a set of professional process management in the procurement,transportation,maintenance and power leasing,mining machine leasing and mining machine hosting of Bitcoin mining machines;The professional team of coin mining has rich experience,which can ensure the maximization of investors'mining revenue during the operation and maintenance of the mine arsenal Avalon mining machine Shenma mining machine.