• Introduction

1. Mining income

The mine mining revenue can be referred to the ant mine pool https://www.antpool.com/support.htm?m=calculator

2. Revenue settlement

The estimated revenue is calculated by the actual operation of the digital currency network and will be dynamically changed for reference only. The actual contract revenue is the digital currency income after mining income minus maintenance fee; contract revenue is recorded per minute, daily at Beijing time 14 : 00 points settled yesterday's contract revenue, issued in days (24h).

3.Termination of contract

Automatic termination after contract expires

4. Warnings

The price of digital currency often fluctuates greatly, and the difficulty of mining in each currency is adjusted regularly. A drop in the price of the currency or an increase in difficulty will result in a lower return on each mining contract. Whether in terms of digital currency or legal currency, this mining contract does not guarantee that users can return to the book. Users need to carefully assess their risk tolerance and invest in digital currency mining within acceptable risk limits.