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RHY mine evaluation ant S9Hydro water-cooled mining machine

2019-01-08 18:01

      Bitcoin has launched a new mining machine based on the SHA256 algorithm, called the ant water-cooled mining machine S9Hydro. This ant mine machine has attracted wide attention from everyone. Everyone cheers the genuine mass-produced water-cooled mining machine. Now! It is understood that the ant mining machine S9Hydro can dig bitcoin, BCH, DGB and other SHA256 currency, adapt to the ant APW5 silent power supply, mining machine temperature is low, low noise, is a very good mining machine.

      The design of the ant mining machine S9Hydro water-cooled mining machine allows the scale deployment mine to have more space to play, the separation of the power component and the heat dissipation part, the small mine with small water tank and water-cooled heat sink; the large mine plus water purification device Cooling towers, which convert cold water into hot water through a water cooling system, may be used to apply mining to other scenarios. The following RHY mine brings you the ant water-cooled mining machine S9Hydro evaluation

1. Rated calculation power: 18TH/s±5%

2. Wall power consumption: 1728W ± 10% (APW5 power supply)

3.96J/TH±10% (APW5 power supply)

4. Rated voltage: 11.60-13.00V

5. Size: 360mm (L) * 125mm (W) * 190mm (H) (including mining machine elbow)

6. Weight: 5.15kg

      The ant mining machine S9Hydro consists of three separate packaging boxes: radiator water discharge, mining machine main engine and mining machine power supply. The outer packaging of the three large parts are packed in industrial carton, and the outer casing of the mining machine is also marked with the physical size of the box.

      The ant mining machine S9Hydro consists of four calculation boards, one more board than the S9, and the calculation power is higher than the S9 (three calculation boards).

      There are four places that need to be connected to the power supply: the mining machine calculation board, the mining machine control board, the water-cooled water pump, and the water-cooled exhaust fan. The connection is not in any order, as long as all the connections are completed.

      The ant mining machine S9Hydro consists of 4 power boards. Each power board needs to connect 3 PCIE6P connectors. A total of 12 PCIE6P connectors need to be connected. The APW5 power supply provides 14 PCIE6P connectors. The longest and shortest are not used. Connect with other 12 identical connectors

      It should be noted that the power supply line of the water pump is connected through the extension cable. The line is slightly longer and the gap at the connection is not small. Pay attention to the waterproofing during the water injection process.

      About 2 meters from the mining machine, the test noise is 54.7 decibels. The noise level is equivalent to that of the home floor fan. The mute effect is very good.

      After measuring the various points of the mining machine and the water row, the temperature parameters are as follows: the temperature of the chip in the mining machine is in the range of 58-63 degrees, the temperature of the mining machine body, the water pipe and the water tank is in the range of 34-42, and the temperature of the water-cooling exhaust air outlet is Excellent overall temperature evaluation in the range of 58-60

      Although the mine water cooling system has appeared very early, the mass production water-cooled mining machine is still the first to appear. In general, the S9Hydro water-cooled mining machine is very playable, very suitable for the hands-on ability, and also like DIY mine friends. .

      A single mining machine plus water-cooled platoon can be placed at home and in the office. In the summer, the water-cooled platoon can be placed outdoors by modifying the extension hose. The semiconductor cooling fin can be installed to enhance the cooling effect, or use a dedicated coolant, or get a The fish tank raises a tropical fish, or it is placed directly indoors in the winter when the electric heater is heating. The miners are up, the winter is warm, and the electricity bill is subsidized. I hope to see more water-cooled mining machines with better cost performance, so that ordinary fans can touch the area again. The real existence of the blockchain.

Mine-intensive deployment

      In the RHY mine, because there is no need to consider the air duct cooling, do not consider the air inlet, do not consider the fan size and power, do not consider the water curtain arrangement, etc., in the unit building area, as long as the area of the inlet and outlet pipes is considered, the unit can be greatly improved. The upper position within the building area. Of course, there is no need to consider noise disturbance and dust deposition corrosion. The mine keeps running at low temperature and clean state, the reliability is improved, the operation is more stable, and the efficiency is naturally not a problem. Of course, we must also consider the cost of mining machines and the increased maintenance difficulty of water-cooled mining machines.

      Summarize the ant mining machine S9Hydro, two words: cold, static.

      Cold: Good temperature control through the water cooling system plays a key role in the smooth operation of the mining machine.

      Static: The requirements of the fan for the water cooling system are not high. Although 6 fans are used, the noise control is very low.