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2019 mining and mining currency selection mining machine leasing

2019-01-09 18:07

      When the price of the currency gets rid of the bear market and turns to the bull market, this is a topic that many miners have been discussing in the New Year, because everyone wants to mine at the low point to win the biggest gain, but in fact most can't do it, but some mines Timing, our vast miners can still grasp, then how do we judge a suitable opportunity to enter the mine?

     Earlier, Li Xiaolai proposed in the "Bitcoin World Concise Survival Guide": In the long run, the cost of miners can be regarded as the fundamental. However, he never explained the reason, so many people do not agree with his point of view. In fact, this sentence makes sense. The lowest price in the last round of the bear market was 900 yuan. At the time, Wu Jihan was interviewed and revealed that the marginal cost of producing a coin was 800 yuan. This actually indirectly supports Li Xiaolai's point of view. Although the price of the currency fluctuated greatly, the difficulty of mining did not appear to have a big correction, but a one-way rise.

     This shows that the price of the currency will rarely fall below the cost of the electricity of the mainstream mining machine, otherwise there will be a large-scale shutdown phenomenon, which will make the mining difficulty less. This is the situation before the shutdown. Therefore, the cost of electricity is a hard support for the price of the currency, and this view is valid at least in the history of Bitcoin.

     What's special about Bitcoin is that anyone, including you and me, will consider its cost of production when preparing to hold Bitcoin. Because everyone has access to Bitcoin in two ways, it is to buy coins and mine. If you can get bitcoin at a cost of $4,000 by mining, you won't buy it for $5,000. And the cost varies from person to person. The cost per person is different. If you are going to mine in places like Korea and Japan, the cost may be $10,000, so for this part of the people, of course, it is straightforward to buy.

     However, there will always be people who have mastered large-scale mining machines or cheap electricity. The bigger the funds, the more power and resources will be combined to achieve low-cost mining. For example, the RHY mine with large self-built mines overseas has mastered this advantage. It is understood that the RHY mine has built a 900MW substation in the Middle East, Georgia and other overseas regions, and is powered by the State Grid, which can supply 600,000 machines at the same time. The electricity fee is as low as 0.30 yuan per kWh. There are also large-scale mining machines such as ant mining machines, Avalon mining machines and Shenma mining machines, which can provide users with mining services such as mining machine rental and power rental.

     From the perspective of the electricity charges for mining and mining in the RHY mine, we can make such a judgment. The lower limit of the current currency price is the electricity cost of mainstream miners such as the RHY mine. Therefore, it is very necessary for miners who want to make a profit in a position where the price of the coin is relatively low, for example, the current, first digging the coin, and then waiting for an opportunity that cannot be met.

     Considering that there is still one year of bitcoin to cut production by half, the time window for the third best time to mine money may be about a year. How much bitcoin can be mined in the final mine depends almost on our past savings and the ability to make money off-site in the next year.

     Compared to the previous round of bear market, in this range, although the currency price continued to be sluggish. But in any case, mining in this interval, mining costs will not be higher than the price of the currency. Especially in the RHY mine mining machine leasing, mining machine hosting mining, low cost of electricity, can bring more considerable mining income to the miners.